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50 years as a leading company in the DIY segment in Brazil


Factory in Juquitiba, São Paulo

Bemfixa began its activities in 1967 being the pioneer in manufacturing hardware products such as nails, screws and anchors.

In 1978 inaugurated its first factory in the State of São Paulo.

As the business evolved, the company invested in another plant in 1986, when the second factory was inaugurated.

Always focused on innovation, in 2002 Bemfixa expanded its line, bringing to the market a complete range of DIY products.

In 2010, a new office was opened in São Paulo, with a broad showroom and located in a strategic area close to the main national and international companies.

It’s been 50 years as a leading company in the DIY segment in Brazil.


Why choose Bemfixa?

Smart exposure
With a deployment system via planograms, we organize your POS so that the consumer can find what they are looking for quickly and easily. In addition, the cross merchandising method increases product turnover.

Ideal mix of products
Every customer is unique. Our job is to suggest a tailored line for each one, providing the best use of the spaces in the gondolas shelving and greater profitability per square meter.

Improved stock control
A modern POS requires adequate packaging for the self-service system, improving controls and avoiding ruptures. Along with this, Bemfixa offers the customer an efficient logistics, with fast and complete deliveries.

Increased profitability
Self-explanatory packaging and an efficient display add value to the product and save time. Less work and more efficiency.

Constant innovation
Bemfixa is ahead of time and constantly conducts research on products, packaging and services that increase sales potential and new business prospects, no matter the size of your store.

Bemfixa training
Helping to resell! This is also our mission. Bemfixa has exclusive training on products and merchandising techniques that will broaden the knowledge and empower the seller to do what he likes best: sell well!

Bemfixa Professional

Fastening products in larger packs


Secure nail fastening


Hook-and-loop Products

Viva Baby

Child Safety products

Viva Garden

Garden decoration products

Quality and Innovation

Bemfixa is a company guaranteed and certified by ISO 9001, which guarantees quality in all its products and processes.

All Bemfixa’s packaging are carefully designed to create an efficient and profitable shelf layout, stimulating and helping the choice and purchase by the consumer.

Bemfixa is well known for its great performance in the Point of Sale. In addition to planogram studies, it offers diverse merchandising materials that organize spaces and accelerate sales.

It has a department of Research and Development that is constantly bringing new products and solutions to the market.

Bemfixa sells to the main home centers, hardware stores and supermarkets in the country. Focused on innovation and quality, Bemfixa remains constantly expanding its business in Brazil and other countries.

It’s been 50 years as a leading company in the DIY segment in Brazil.


Be the number 1 brand in the management of the “Do It Yourself” category.


To triple our presence in the market until 2021, acting in a technological, sustainable and profitable way for our partners too.

  • Ethics
  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Accessibility

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